About MirAuction

Years after ecommerce invention, it is still not an easy task to source & purchase something you really want to buy on websites specially in the massive World of Artworks!! Art galleries & sellers are spending hours and hours to make a usable website, caring about every online issues like hacker, SEO ranking and nice & modern web design without that much of success at the end. We decided to establish a new online e-shop of Art Goods & make it available for public who are active in art world and have a desire to introduce & sell/buy their products to the rest of the community. MirAuction.com is an art bazaar which shows you a wide range of various artwork categories. It enables you to buy valuable goods. MirAuction is a win-win business for both seller & buyer; it means you are both satisfied. At the same time we are happy to provide this service to you. The founders of MirAuction are Amir Madadi & Mehrdad Kianian, who can support you from different corners of the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a simple & easy way for artist and producer to sell their artworks all around the world.

Our motivation

It's really enjoyable when we see MirAuction shows your artworks to the people they really cherish your work, we feel we assisted the most talented people in the world to show their talent because we love art world!


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