General Questions

Anyone who create or sells the artwork can have a shop in MirAuction.
You need to follow the following steps:
  • 1- sign up as a user and activate your account by click on the the link we've put in an activation email.
  • 2- Sign in to MirAuction using you username (email) & password.
  • 3- Go to [Profiel] via the link underneath your name in top right navigation bar.
  • 4- Add your shop/business address in [Setting -> Address]. (Make sure you've selected the 'Shop' in 'Type of Address' drop-down list.
  • 5- Request for a shop via [Shops -> Request for a shop]. Select an appropriate name for your shop & select one of our shopping plans (Basic, Professional or Unlimited ). If you pass this step, you should have a section in right-hand menu for your shop.
  • 6- When you create a shop, you can enter your artworks but we need to approve your shop when we see your artworks. It normally take 24 hours for us to check the validity of a shop. Meantime you can enter your Artworks.
  • 7- After you've entered your artworks, you need to activate your shop to go live on MirAuction. For this, you need to click the icon underneath the [Is Online] on the shops list [Shops -> List]
  • 1- First, you need to have an active shop (Please read the above question for this).
  • 2- Go to [Shops -> List] and in front of your shop name, click on [Manage Artworks], then click on [New Artwork]
  • 3- Enter the details of your artwork, select the desired category for your artwork and press [Save]. You will navigated to the List of Artworks page.
  • 4- When you added your artwork, in artwork list page, hover over the image (currently shows no image) and click on the [No Image] and upload the images of your artwork. (Make sure you've selected you default image)
  • 5- In Artwork List page, click on the icon in [Exist Amount] column and select the number of items in your stock (Should be 1 if it's handmade)
  • 6- In Artwork List page, click on the icon underneath the [Active] column to activate your artwork in the shop.
  • Now your artwork is on Live, please navigate to shops home page , click on desired category and watch your artwork there.
Obviously you as the owner of the shop.