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Old Bath
Artist: Fariborz Alagheband (View Profile) Price: $AU 150 Size: w: 70 (cm) h: 70 (cm) Return Condition: Return not accepted Post Method: IranPost Shipment To: Bangladesh , Bhutan , Brunei , Cambodia ... Seller: Ati3d


This public bath was built by one of Shah Soleiman and Shah Soltan Hossein Safavi’s agents named Ali Gholi Agha in 1710. Ali Gholi Agha Bath consists of two big and small sections. The bigger section entrance is an octagonal area with eight stone pillars surrounding platforms designed for people to sit and change clothes and place their shoes. The ceiling and doorways are decorated with plastered shaped and designs and beautiful tiles. Special windows are created in the ceiling to allow sunlight enter the hall and provide a peaceful atmosphere. Besides various tile work, other decorative features such as wall paintings dating back to Safavi and Ghajar and Pahlavi eras can be seen.


Frame in not included