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Dog and the long winter
Artist: Shokufeh Kavani (View Profile) Price: $AU 5000 Size: w: 80 (cm) h: 100 (cm) Return Condition: Return not accepted Post Method: Australian Post Shipment To: Algeria , Angola , Benin , Botswana ... Seller: Amir Shop


Style  and   Technique :     Mixed  media  and  collage 


Description :  This  painting  based on  a book  written by famous  Iranian  writer  ,  Mrs.  Shahrnush  Parsipur  by  the same name  as  “  Dog  and the long winter “ .  Love this book  and think  somehow is the story of my life as there are so many similarities . This  painting has been chosen  as a poster in  “ International  Women’s  Mental  Health  Conference  “  in  Melbourne -  Australia  in  2005   and the  English  translation of the book has been  dedicated  to me . 


Shokufeh  Kavani  ,  2005 ,  Sydney  -  Australia