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Iranian Grafiti
Artist: Shokufeh Kavani (View Profile) Price: $AU 3500 Size: w: 80 (cm) h: 100 (cm) Return Condition: Return not accepted Post Method: Australian Post Shipment To: Algeria , Angola , Benin , Botswana ... Seller: Amir Shop


Style  and  Technique :   Mixed  Media ,  Collage 

I actually made this collage in 2003 , years before the “ green movement “  in  Iran by  being surprised to see a big and good article in Sydney  Morning Herald  about  Iranian youth and the changes in Iran. This is that article which started the whole idea about my first  Solo exhibition , titled as “  Persian Grafiti “ 


Shokufeh  Kavani ,  2003 ,  Sydney -  Australia  


Broken glass fame is part of the artwork