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Malek Arcade
Artist: Fariborz Alagheband (View Profile) Price: $AU 150 Size: w: 70 (cm) h: 70 (cm) Return Condition: Return not accepted Post Method: Iran Post Shipment To: Bangladesh , Bhutan , Brunei , Cambodia ... Seller: Ati3d


Malek Ol Tojar arcade is a small beautiful caravanserai in the great Isfahan Bazaar, built through the efforts of a charitable merchant called Mohammad Ebraim Malek Ol Tojar in 1904. In the entrance of this arcade, four jewelry stores are located. After this passageway, the first courtyard covered with mosaic containing an oval pool is seen. The first courtyard is a two story building with eight jewelry stores decorated with bricks and pretty wooden doors. A short passageway leads to the second roofed courtyard with three openings for sunlight and another two story building containing twenty one jewelry stores. This second area is also decorated with beautiful bricks and tiles and calligraphy.


Frame in not included